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Modafinil Star Review: A Unique Modafinil Seller

Modafinil Star is a lesser known modafinil store. Nonetheless, they are worth covering because they offer products that other stores we’ve covered in the past, do not sell.

They meet our criteria for a trustworthy seller offering good support, free reshipments if packages get seized at customs and all of this at very reasonable prices.

I received my order exactly as stated on their website. They shipped it shortly after I placed the order and I am so far very satisfied with the quality of the products included in their starter pack.

Later I’ll cover all the benefits and any potential downsides I see when ordering from Modafinil Star. First, let’s look at the benefits of modafinil and also piracetam – which you won’t find at other modafinil stores.

Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil is – in our opinion – the king of nootropics.

I’ve yet to try another smart drug that offers as many powerful benefits as modafinil. The increase in focus, concentration and productivity are insane.

These benefits make modafinil the ideal choice for a wide range of people. Whether you’re a…

  • College student looking to cram for upcoming tests
  • Businessman needing high levels of focus while working long hours
  • Digital nomad wanting to take your online business to the next level

modafinil will help you.

waklert review

Modafinil Side-Effects

The great thing about modafinil – other than the increase in “brain power” – is the complete lack of side-effects. Some users report slight headaches or a sore stomach after taking modafinil. Those side-effects are mild and quite rare.

I believe they can be explained by lack of hydration rather than being real side-effects. Modafinil gives you tunnel-vision. You can focus on the work in front of you and forget about everything else for a while. This is obviously helpful for increasing your productivity. However, you need to be careful that you don’t forget to eat and drink plenty of water!

It’s a good idea to always have a bottle of water on your desk when using modafinil. This acts as a reminder to stay hydrated. As for eating, some of you will find the decrease in appetite a positive side-effect if you’re trying to lose fat. For the rest of you, I recommend scheduling regular breaks where you go eat a quick snack.

If you remember to eat and stay hydrated, I am confident more than 99% of you will never experience any negative side-effects from taking modafinil.

Benefits of Piracetam (Nootropil)

Piracetam is actually the oldest smart drug available. It has been around since the 1960s when it was developed to treat patients with cognitive impairments due to old age.

It boosts neuron health and synaptic plasticity. Essentially, piracetam improves your brain’s function on a cellular level.

Effects include improvements in memory and learning ability. A positive side-effect is also the increase in sensory perception. Many users find that music sounds better and colours appear more vivid while using Piracetam.

Piracetam is available to order at Modafinil Star under the brand name “Nootropil”.

modafinil star nootropil

Modafinil Star Review

Modafinil Star isn’t the most popular store around, but I believe there are good reasons to choose them over the competition.

Other large modafinil sellers all offer the same 4 products:

  • Modalert
  • Waklert
  • Modvigil
  • Artvigil

What sets Modafinil Star apart, is that they also offer Nootropil and Modafil which I haven’t come across anywhere else yet.

This was one of the main reasons I decided to try Modafinil Star in the first place. Having tried their products, I can definitely recommend them – both to experienced nootropic users who want to try something new, and also to new users looking for high-quality products.

Products Sold by Modafinil Star

Modafinil Star sells both Modafinil and Armodafinil which is related, but has some clear differences to modafinil.


Modafinil is sold under the brand names Modalert and Modafil. Modafinil Star actually offers both products in either the 100mg or the 200mg size. Once again, this is a unique option Modafinil Star offers that you won’t find on other sites.

In fact, you’re very unlikely to find Modafil at all! While I personally don’t have any preference between brands of modafinil, other people do. Some users feel a difference between Modalert, Modvigil and Modafil. If you find that Modafil is your favourite, you almost have to order from Modafinil Star.

On the other hand, if you want to order Modvigil, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Luckily for you, Afinil Express, DuckDose, and ModaPharma all sell Modvigil so finding it won’t be any hassle.


Armodafinil is only sold as Waklert, but again, you have the choice between 50mg and 150mg per pill. The smaller option is a good option for many beginners because I feel armodafinil is somewhat stronger than modafinil and can be overwhelming if you aren’t used to it.

Modafinil Star only sells one type of armodafinil pill. So if you’re looking for Artvigil, you’ll need to order from a different site. I actually don’t see this as a serious negative to Modafinil Star because armodafinil is less popular than modafinil and therefore, only selling one brand is very reasonable.

I much prefer the option of ordering 50mg Waklert rather than having two different brands of 150mg armodafinil. However, that comes back to not noticing much of a difference between various brands of the same substance.


Piracetam is a nootropic I hadn’t bought before. I was excited to try it and so far, have found the results very pleasing.

Nootropil is the brand name available at Modafinil Star. Once again, you have two options in terms of dose per pill – 800mg and 1200mg.

I’ll need to use it for a little longer before I can give you my verdict on this smart drug. However, while it is good, I don’t see it replacing modafinil any time soon.

Nootropil would be a great option for the days when you aren’t using modafinil. Using modafinil every day isn’t smart in my opinion because you can build a tolerance over time. But what happens if you’ve got a very busy week and you need the extra focus for multiple days in a row?

That’s where I recommend experimenting with Piracetam. The great part about Modafinil Star is, you can simply add some Piracetam to your order of Modafinil and kill two birds with one stone.

Sample Pack

Modafinil Star offers a sample pack that includes 10 pills of each product. This is a great option for you if you are new to nootropics and aren’t sure yet which product is the best choice for you.

It’s also a good idea if your main motivation for ordering from Modafinil Star is to try Piracetam and Modafil. You get to test 2 new products and stock up your supply of Modalert and Waklert for just $80.

That seems like a great deal to me.

Order Now!

Guaranteed Delivery

Like all modafinil sellers we recommend, Modafinil Star guarantees that your shipment arrives at your door.

If it gets lost in transit, you get a refund or reshipment. The same guarantee holds true if your package gets seized at the border.

While it has never happened to me, apparently 1-2% of shipments do get stopped at customs. Some countries are more difficult to obtain modafinil than others, so where you live has a large impact on the likelihood that you’ll need a reshipment.

Discounts (Bitcoin + Returning Customers)

Like many other modafinil sellers, Modafinil Star offers a 20% discount on all orders paid with BitCoin. This is a great way to save money with have any real inconvenience once you get used to using BitCoins (which is easy).

Returning customers get an additional 10% discount by using the code in their last order. I think this is a nice touch by Modafinil Star to offer something to people who come back to them after their first order.

In total, that’s a 30% discount you can get. That’s nothing to laugh at.

Modafinil Star already offers modafinil at fairly low prices and once you add the discounts, you’re getting a great deal.

Payment Methods: You Can Pay With PayPal!

While discounts are great, not everyone wants to use BitCoins. I totally understand that you might be a bit worried if you’ve never paid with BitCoins before in your life.

Luckily for you, and this is something that no other modafinil seller offers to my knowledge, Modafinil Star allows you to pay with PayPal.

Don’t ask me how they get around PayPal’s rules because they tend to be strict on modafinil stores. However, Modafinil Star found a solution which really sets them apart from all other online modafinil stores.

Order Now!

Customer Support

I’ve come to realize that many first-time modafinil buyers are quite nervous about the process. The idea of buying pills off the internet just seems a little too shady for some.

In reality, you have nothing to worry about if you stick with the reputable sellers. Nonetheless, I consider a customer support team that is quick to respond to emails crucial for calming people’s nerves. Not getting an answer for 2-3 days can really amplify the stress people feel when ordering something like modafinil online.

In this regard, Modafinil Star do very well. In my experience, their customer support is as fast as DuckDose, but not quite as helpful. They beat Afinil Express for both speed and helpfulness.

To be clear, all 3 of those companies offer quite good to excellent customer support so this is a comparison at the highest level.

Frankly, Modafinil Star’s customer service is about 10x better than anything I’ve experienced from Amazon, Facebook or Google.

Final Thoughts on my Modafinil Star Review

In an industry where the big companies are all relatively similar, Modafinil Star stands out from the crowd with a different selection of products.

For that reason, I think everyone should give them a try sooner or later in their nootropic journey.

Piracetam and Modafil might be the ideal nootropic for you. The only way to find out is by giving Modafinil Star a try.

Click on the button below to check out what they have to offer.

Order Now!


ModaPharma Review: Best Place to Order Modafinil Online?

Ever since Modafinil Cat closed their store, I’ve been searching for reliable alternatives to the former giant in the modafinil industry.

I’ve ordered from various stores just to compare them and find out which ones are worth your money.

In this post, we’re going to look at ModaPharma. There are many things I like about this company, however, they come with their own downsides.

To get the full picture, also check out my previous reviews below:

Before we get into the pros and cons of ModaPharma, I want to briefly discuss the reasons for using modafinil in the first place.

Modvigil review

Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil is a popular nootropic that is used by various groups who want to optimize their concentration.

It has been available under the brand name “Provigil” for 17 years now. The prescription drug is prescribed to patients with sleep disorders often related to working night shifts.

Modafinil helps keep you awake and the positive side effect is enhanced concentration and focus.

Unlike smart drugs from the past like adderall, modafinil comes with very few side effects. This nootropic is incredibly safe with no known cases of death in over 17 years!

Modafinil has been used by the Air Force and astronauts in various countries for years now. It’s no wonder that more and more people are trying it.

1 in 5 students has used modafinil according to recent surveys. That just shows how this smart drug is starting to go mainstream.

Now, I’d like to point out that while modafinil is helpful, it isn’t a miracle drug. You won’t become smarter just by taking it.

Modafinil doesn’t allow you to take it easy and still do well in your job or education. Quite the opposite: Modafinil allows you to work harder than ever before.

This is not a substance for people who want a shortcut. If you’re an ambitious person though, modafinil will give you an edge over your competition.

Order Now

ModaPharma Review

ModaPharma is a reliable source of modafinil. I’ve ordered from them before and have never had any issues at all.

They have one big downside which might influence your decision. I’ll cover that at the end of this review. First, let’s look at the many pros of ordering from ModaPharma.

Website is Easy to Use and Informative

ModaPharma has my favourite website of all the modafinil sellers.

It looks stunning, is very informative and you’re never left searching for the information that you need.

They also do a great job at citing sources for all their claims. I’m no scientist, but I love seeing scientific sources to back up claims made.

ModaPharma accurately depict what modafinil can and cannot do. They don’t over-hype the product like some scrupulous vendors do.

Another big benefit of their site is that it adjusts to German if it recognizes that you are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland. This might not seem like a big deal if you aren’t from any of those countries, however, I believe it shows how much the ModaPharma team cares about its customers.

They will go the extra mile to make sure you have a positive experience when ordering from them.

Sure Delivery: ModaPharma has your back!

Modafinil exists in a legal grey area. It isn’t legal to consume without a prescription from your doctor, but at the same time, I’ve never heard of anyone getting into legal problems for buying it for personal use.

As always, I encourage you to do your own research about the legality of modafinil in your country.

In most places, you don’t have much to worry about. The worst that can happen is that your package gets stuck at the border. It’s a pain for sure, but you likely won’t face any consequences either.

Luckily for you, ModaPharma – along with most reputable modafinil sellers – have a Sure Delivery policy. This means that whatever happens during shipping, you’ll eventually either receive your order or get your money back.

This may seem logical, but stop to think about that for a second…

ModaPharma will send you a new shipment even though it wasn’t their fault. If your package gets stuck at customs, there is absolutely nothing ModaPharma could have done to prevent it. It was simply bad luck.

Nonetheless, they are willing to swallow the cost in order to make sure you’re satisfied. That’s a great way to keep your customers happy if you ask me.

Discounts and Payment Methods

All modafinil sellers struggle with processing credit card payments. ModaPharma is no exception unfortunately.

MasterCard usually works as far as I can tell, but paying with Visa is often problematic.

The easiest way to pay for your modafinil order is with BitCoins. BitCoins are the future of online payments. They are easy to use once you get over your initial doubts.

To be honest with you…I wasn’t entirely confident the first time I used BitCoins. You sort of feel like an underground hacker or something and it can seem challenging if you like me aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

However, this perception is far from the truth. BitCoins are actually very easy to use. After only a few times paying with them, you’ll know exactly how everything works.

Again, I want to warn you not to trust every site you come across. But if you do just a little bit of research before you send BitCoins to a company, you don’t have anything to worry about.

ModaPharma encourages you to pay via BitCoins and even offers you a 15% discount if you do so. Over time, those savings will add up to a big chunk of money so I recommend you always pay with BitCoins.

If you have never used BitCoins before, don’t worry, ModaPharma has you covered. They explain how everything works and recommend their preferred places to buy BitCoins.

Your Privacy is Secure

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where performance enhancing smart drugs aren’t accepted in mainstream culture.

Despite 20% of students admitting that they have used modafinil, there is still a certain stigma surrounding the use of smart drugs.

You probably don’t want your neighbors, parents or co-workers knowing that you ordered modafinil online. ModaPharma understands the need for privacy and invests heavily to make sure your private details are secure.

Nobody else can find out that you’ve ordered modafinil from them. Their servers are secure and protected by SSL encryption to protect your credit card details too.

If you want to take extra measures to hide your identity, definitely choose BitCoins as your payment method. You might also want to look into using a VPN service to hide your IP address.

Of course, those extra measures are by no means necessary. To be clear, I personally don’t use them because I trust ModaPharma will keep my personal information secure.

Your order will arrive at your doorstep in a discreet package. Nobody can tell what is inside without ripping the package open.

Order Now

Fast and Free Shipping

ModaPharma were very fast to deliver my order.

It took 6 days in total from when I ordered until it arrived in the United Kingdom. Considering that modafinil needs to be sent from India, I think that’s a great delivery time. (Even Amazon shipments from warehouses in other European countries often take longer…)

And the best part is, you don’t pay a dime for international shipping. Regardless of where you live, ModaPharma will pay to get your order delivered to your home. This is yet another example where ModaPharma offer far better service than even most major online merchants i.e. Amazon.

Independently Tested, High-Quality Products

ModaPharma gets their products analysed by a third-party lab. This ensures that you get what you pay for and aren’t scammed by ModaPharma’s supplier.

In a largely unregulated industry like modafinil, these third-party certificates really set ModaPharma apart.

As far as I know, they are the only modafinil sellers who publicly display HPLC certificates on their website.

You can see exactly how much modafinil or armodafinil is in each pill by visiting this page.

They show the results for all the products currently available through their store:

  • Modvigil
  • Modalert
  • Waklert
  • Artvigil

Modalert HPLC

Whichever product you choose, you can rest assured that you know exactly what you’re getting.

Order Now

Responsive Customer Support

Luckily, I didn’t run into any problems with my order from ModaPharma. However, something can always come up and then you’ll need to work with customer support.

With ModaPharma, you can look forward to fast replies that actually solve your issue. Of course, there are problems outside of their control which they can’t solve, but that is the same with every company.

Whenever possible, ModaPharma will resolve your problem immediately. If they can’t – for example, if customs confiscates your package – they’ll make sure you get compensated in some way. Usually this means you’ll either get your money back or a reshipment will be sent out – free of charge, of course.

All these reasons – and probably many more that I’ve forgotten – make ModaPharma a fantastic place to buy modafinil from online.

Whether you’re a first-time user or familiar with modafinil, but looking for a new source, ModaPharma is definitely worth a try.

However, they do have one small downside that I feel needs to be mentioned…

ModaPharma is Slightly More Expensive Than Competitors

ModaPharma is not the cheapest option for ordering modafinil online.

While there isn’t one source that offers the best prices across the board, both Afinil Express and DuckDose are cheaper depending on which product and quantity you order.

Having said that, I don’t believe that you should base your decision solely on who is cheapest.

If you’re looking for a modafinil seller that places huge value on scientific practices and analysis, ModaPharma is perfect for you.

They go to great lengths to prove that their products are beneficial and authentic. That is worth paying a slightly higher price for in my opinion.

Final Verdict on my ModaPharma Review

There are plenty of reasons why ModaPharma is the ideal place to buy your modafinil.

This store is the perfect choice for both newcomers and veterans of the modafinil industry.

If you’ve never experienced the amazing benefits of modafinil, I highly encourage you to order today.

I have no doubt that smart drugs will become mainstream in the coming years. By then, it will be too late for you to gain a competitive advantage.

You are incredibly lucky to know about modafinil before the masses. Don’t waste this rare opportunity. Instead, start using modafinil as soon as possible to work harder, longer and more effectively.

The concentration and focus modafinil and armodafinil offer are impossible to ignore.

Don’t believe me? Try it once for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Don’t let your fears stop you from experiencing the life-changing benefits on modafinil.

Order Now

How to Order from ModaPharma

Ordering modafinil online isn’t terribly complicated. However, to make the process as easy as possible, I’ll show you exactly how to do it step-by-step.

Step 1: Visit and go to the product that you want to order. Choose the quantity and then click “add to cart” at the bottom.

order modalert online

Step 2: You’ll be redirected to your cart. Now, either click “proceed to checkout” or “continue shopping”.

order modafinil online

Step 3: Once you’ve added all the items that you want to order, you’ll be sent to the checkout page. Here, you’ll enter all your shipping details and you’ll receive instructions on how to pay with BitCoins. When you’ve entered your shipping details, click “place order”.

order modafinil modapharma

And you’re done!

Within minutes, you’ll receive the order confirmation email in your inbox.

A day or two later you’ll receive confirmation that ModaPharma has shipped your order along with the tracking number.

At this point, it’s only a matter of time until your order arrives at your doorstep.

You can relax because you know that ModaPharma will take care of everything for you.

This is a good time to read up on the responsible use of modafinil. Once you start enjoying the benefits of this wonderful smart drug, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without modafinil.

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Afinil Express Review: Are They The Best Online Modafinil Store?

To the great surprise of many modafinil buyers, Modafinil Cat recently announced the closing of their store.

That day was the start of a new era in the modafinil industry. People were unsure who to trust, but two companies stood out above the rest: DuckDose and Afinil Express.

We’ve covered DuckDose before. Click here to read that review.

Those are the two companies that Modafinil Cat recommended when they closed their own service. Apparently, they did a thorough vetting of various modafinil sellers and these two companies get their approval.

If you’re new to the world of modafinil and nootropics in general, you might not understand why I’m going on about Modafinil Cat’s endorsement. Let me explain…

Modafinil Cat were big. Their customer service was excellent which is why people started to trust them more than anyone else in this business.

Receiving an endorsement from Modafinil Cat is a very big deal for modafinil sellers. You instantly gain the trust of all of their customers, and if you live up Modafinil Cat’s high standards, you’ll soon have plenty of satisfied customers.

But does Afinil Express really live up to these high standards? That’s the question I’m going to answer in this review.

Short answer: Yes, absolutely.

Read the rest of this article to see why I think Afinil Express is one of the best options for ordering modafinil online.

Modvigil review

Modafinil Benefits

Before we get to that, let’s look at the benefits of modafinil and armodafinil. If you’re a regular user, this will serve as a little repetition of what you already know from experience.

Modafinil is the active ingredient in the prescription drug Provigil. It was originally meant to treat various diseases that cause unusual sleep patterns.

Nowadays, Modafinil is used off-label by many people from all backgrounds including lawyers, bankers, athletes, students and professors to enhance their focus.

Modafinil has powerful wakefulness and concentration-boosting effects. You can use modafinil as a smart drug to improve your own focus, alertness and productivity.

These benefits have caused many people to compare modafinil to adderall. Truthfully, we don’t believe that modafinil is as strong as adderall, however, that is exactly why modafinil is so good…

You can use modafinil regularly without becoming addicted or experiencing many side-effects. For most people, modafinil is overwhelmingly safe which is why drug companies are worried about this off-label smart drug.

Provigil (brand name for modafinil at your local pharmacy) is incredibly expensive. That’s fine if you’ve got a prescription from your doctor and your health insurance will pay the bill.

However for most people, generic modafinil is the far better alternative. You get the same active ingredient without the insanely high costs. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

Ordering Modafinil Online

The only potential downside is that you need to order online from modafinil sellers which are usually based in India.

Not all of these companies are run by good and honest people. You need to be careful who you trust when ordering modafinil.

If you do your research – like you are doing right now by reading this review – you have very little to worry about.

While there are some bad companies, if you stick to the reputable sellers, you are completely safe.

Afinil Express is so good they were even endorsed by a former competitor. Let’s take a closer look at this modafinil seller.

Afinil Express Review

Everything you need to know about Afinil Express is summed up right at the top of their website.

afinil express benefits

They promise friendly support, affordable prices and guaranteed delivery. Sounds good, but can they really deliver all of that?

Yes, they can.

I’ve gone through the process of ordering from Afinil Express specifically to verify their claims. At the end of this post, I’ll take you through the individual steps, but first, let me tell you why you should order from Afinil Express.

Guaranteed Delivery

One of the struggles you’ll face when ordering modafinil, is getting it through customs.

Normally, you won’t face any issues. However, some countries are more strict than others so you’ll need to look into that yourself.

Assuming you live in the United States or United Kingdom, you’ll rarely have any issues at the border.

Occasionally, a package of yours might be confiscated. There isn’t much to worry about because you’ll just receive a letter asking to see your prescription for modafinil. If you haven’t got a prescription – which you technically need – you won’t receive your modafinil.

I’ve never read about anyone getting into legal trouble because of ordering modafinil for personal consumption. So, the worst that can happen is you don’t receive the products that you ordered.

Luckily for you, Afinil Express has a guaranteed delivery policy. That means you’ll get a free reshipment or a 100% refund if your package gets stuck at the border or lost in transit.

That’s a very generous policy and further proves that Afinil Express has your best interest at heart.

The risk of your package being confiscated is fairly small in most countries. Nonetheless, guaranteed delivery offers you peace of mind and lets you focus on the things in your life that really matter.

For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend ordering modafinil from any store that doesn’t send free reshipments.

Order Now

Easily Compare Prices to Decide What is Best for You

Afinil Express has one of the best websites in the industry in my opinion.

While it doesn’t look spectacular, the website is very easy to use.

They are very transparent about the prices for all their products. On the homepage, you’ll find a table containing all the products they sell along with the prices for different quantities.

This allows you to make an informed decision on which order size fits your needs. You can easily see how much you’ll save by ordering in bulk and compare prices for modafinil and armodafinil.

On other websites, this would require opening at least 4 tabs and changing back and forth. Afinil Express makes it easy for you.

Use Afinil Express’s Discounts to Save Money on Your Modafinil Order

Afinil Express offers 2 seperate discounts:

  • 10% discount for returning customers
  • 20% discount for people who pay with BitCoins

The BitCoin discount is fairly common in the modafinil industry. Credit card processing can be a hassle and costs Afinil Express more, so they prefer you to pay with BitCoins. The 20% discount is a great incentive and honestly, once you get used to BitCoins, you’ll prefer them to traditional payment methods anyway.

The 10% discount for returning customers is a unique offer that I have only come across with Afinil Express. As far as I know, they are the only sellers of Modafinil who currently offer this.

It’s a smart business move on their part and as a returning customer myself, I can’t complain about their generosity.

Order Now

Afinil Express Do Everything to Protect Your Privacy

For various reasons, you might be concerned about others finding out that you use modafinil.

I get it…

I felt the same way when I ordered modafinil the first time.

Let’s face it: Modafinil – and other smart drugs – aren’t accepted by mainstream culture (yet). There is a certain taboo around using nootropics to enhance your life and improve your performance.

If you’re reading this, chances are, you’re above-average intelligence, ambitious and looking to get ahead in your studies, career or business.

You understand that modafinil will help you achieve your goals, but you’re still a little uncomfortable about other people knowing that you use nootropics.

You have nothing to worry about when you order from Afinil Express. They do everything in their power to protect your privacy.

Your package will arrive in discreet shipping. There’s no way for anybody to know what’s inside it without opening it.

While I recommend you pay with BitCoins to take advantage of added privacy and the 20% discount, even your credit card company wouldn’t be able to see what exactly you purchased.

waklert review

Fast and Free Shipping

Regardless of where you are in the world, Afinil Express will take care of the shipping costs.

Packages are shipped within 24 hours except for weekends and holidays. However, it usually takes around 2 days until you get your tracking number per email. Don’t worry, your order is already on the way before you get the tracking details.

In total, it took 13 days for my Afinil Express order to arrive in the UK. Depending on where you live, the duration will vary obviously.

One thing is for sure: Afinil Express hold up their promise of always sending out orders as fast as humanly possible!

Order Now

High-Quality Products From Respected Manufacturers

Afinil Express only sell 4 seperate products. They offer both modafinil and modafinil from the 2 most respected Indian manufacturers: Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma.

Personally, I don’t notice much of a difference between the two manufacturers. Sun Pharma is a huge company while HAB Pharma is far smaller, but offers great products too.

Some users report a personal preference between the two manufacturers. It’s worth trying both for yourself to see whether you notice any difference. For this reason, I highly recommend Afinil Express’s trial pack.

The trial pack includes 10 pills of each for a total of $75.

It’s not the cheapest option per pill, but if you’re a first-time user, it allows you to try the 4 best modafinil/armodafinil types for a low cost.

Once you know which your favourite is, you can always reduce your cost per pill by ordering in bulk.

You can order the following products from Afinil Express:

  • Modvigil (Modafinil by HAB Pharma)
  • Modalert (Modafinil by Sun Pharma)
  • Waklert (Armodafinil by Sun Pharma)
  • Artvigil (Armodafinil by HAB Pharma)

 duckdose products

Helpful Customer Support

Afinil Express clearly took a page from Modafinil Cat’s book when it comes to customer support.

Whenever I have sent them an email, I got a response in under 24 hours. Not only are they fast to respond, but the answers are always customized for your specific questions.

Unlike large companies like Facebook, Google or Amazon, Afinil Express do their best to please every single customer. This shines through in the way they answer questions over email.

I have only good things to say about the Afinil Express staff so far. Let’s hope they keep up the great work!

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Downside to Afinil Express

The only downside I see with Afinil Express is that you can’t currently order with Visa credit cards.

It seems to be an issue most modafinil sellers are facing so it isn’t even really a negative aspect of Afinil Express.

Still, if you wanted to pay with your Visa card, you’ll need to look for an alternative. I’ve mentioned BitCoins a few times already because I honestly believe they are your best option for paying anything online.

However, if you are against using BitCoins for whatever reason, you can still pay with MasterCard or even set up a virtual prepaid credit card.

There are plenty of options so I wouldn’t get too upset about the currents problems with Visa.

Closing Thoughts on my Afinil Express Review

As you can tell, I’m a big believer in Afinil Express.

They are a great option for all your modafinil and armodafinil needs. If you used to be a customer of Modafinil Cat, you’ll find that Afinil Express definitely deserves their endorsement.

There’s only one tiny downside and tons of benefits when you order from them.

If this is your first time buying modafinil, I encourage you to start your journey on the right track.

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How to Place an Order With Afinil Express

Ordering modafinil from Afinil Express is very straightforward.

I know the task can seem daunting the first time you do it so I’ll show you step-by-step what you need to do.

Step 1: Go to the homepage and select the product and quantity you want. Click on the “Buy Now” button to continue to the next step.

afinil express homepage

Step 2: Enter your shipping details on the next page. Once you’re done, click “Next” at the bottom of the page.

afinil express order page

Step 3: They’ll ask you to confirm the shipping details you just entered. Quickly check them and continue to the next page.

Step 4: Choose your billing method and enter your credit card details if you choose that route. I chose to pay via BitCoins so you’ll see how that works in the final step.

afinil express payment page

Step 5: Send the correct amount of BitCoins to the address you’re given on the page (not the same as mine below!). Remember that these addresses are only in use for a limited time so send the BitCoins immediately.

Afinil Express BTC payment

Congratulations, you’re done!

You’ll receive a payment confirmation email shortly.

afinil express payment confirmation

Then, after around 2 days, you can expect to receive the tracking number from the package.

At that point, all you can do is wait and look forward to your package arriving. If this is your first time using modafinil, I recommend you use this time to read up on proper dosage, use and dangers related to modafinil.

As you can see, the whole process is very simple. There is nothing complicated about ordering modafinil online.

Don’t let a little fear stop you from experiencing the wonderful benefits of modafinil.

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DuckDose Review: Trustworthy Modafinil Seller or Scam?

Ever since Modafinil Cat closed their store, people have been searching for trustworthy alternatives.

Modafinil Cat were great and are probably the most-trusted sellers of modafinil and armodafinil to this day.

modafinil cat alternatives

The thousands of former Modafinil Cat customers needed an alternative fast. Even while closing their business, the owners of Modafinil Cat didn’t leave their customers out to dry. Instead, they went out of their way to test various suppliers of modafinil so that they could recommend a reliable source to their former customers.

They only recommended 2 companies: DuckDose and Afinil Express

Up until that point, I hadn’t heard of either company. The only place I ever ordered from was Modafinil Cat. Their service and products were great so I never had to look for alternatives.

But now came the big question…

Do DuckDose and Afinil Express live up to Modafinil Cat’s standards?

Short answer: Yes, both companies do.

In this post, I’m going to cover the reasons why I highly recommend DuckDose if you’re looking for a trustworthy online modafinil seller.

But first, let me take a step back and talk about the benefits and problems surrounding modafinil.

Benefits of Modafinil

modalert benefits

Modafinil is by far my favourite nootropic. The benefits include feeling more alert, awake, and becoming a lot more productive.

If you’ve never used modafinil or armodafinil, I highly encourage you to give these smart drugs a try.

Unless you’re a non-responder – and this is a small group of people – you’ll absolutely love modafinil and wonder how you ever worked without it.

You might be wondering: “If modafinil is so great, why doesn’t everyone use it?”

Well, there is a small catch that comes with using modafinil…

Modafinil isn’t easy to buy. 

It exists in a legal grey zone. In most countries, it isn’t quite illegal, but nonetheless, you can’t just walk into your local pharmacy and buy modafinil without a prescription.

Having said that, I wouldn’t worry about the legal risks of modafinil too much. I’ve never personally had any problems with the law. The worst that I’ve seen other people report is that their modafinil shipment got confiscated at the border.

No fines, no police and no jail time.

So while getting your package confiscated must suck, there isn’t much to worry about when ordering modafinil online.

And if you order from DuckDose, you don’t even need to stress about the border control. Even if your order gets stopped at customs, you’ll receive either a full-refund or a new order of modafinil for free.

That’s a fantastic deal if you ask me. It’s one of the many reasons why I personally use and recommend DuckDose. Let’s take a closer look at why DuckDose is one of the leading sellers of modafinil online.

DuckDose Review


I’ve already mentioned that I highly recommend DuckDose to anyone who is looking for the best online modafinil seller. By the end of this review, you’ll know why I’m such a big fan.

I’ll also show you step-by-step what the ordering process looks like. I know buying modafinil online seems a little scary the first time you do it.

In reality, there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

It’s completely safe and very easy to do. As long as you stick to the reputable stores, you’re almost guaranteed to have a positive experience.

So what exactly makes DuckDose a top player in the modafinil game?

These are the main benefits of choosing DuckDose:

  • Amazing customer service
  • Website is easy to use
  • Fast and free shipping
  • Reshipments for products stuck at customs
  • Only sell high-quality modafinil + armodafinil
  • Competitive prices

Let’s dig into these benefits one-by-one…

Guaranteed Delivery

I’ve briefly mentioned it above, but it’s worth repeating because if you’re going to order modafinil online, you definitely want a free reshipping policy at your preferred store.

I’ve never personally had a shipment of modafinil confiscated, but it does happen.

Again, the chances of facing legal problems because of ordering modafininil, are slim to none. You have nothing to worry about in that sense.

However, it does suck when you don’t receive the products you rightfully deserve.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about the laws concerning smart drugs.

You can however, control the supplier you choose. Given the current political circumstances, it seems stupid to order from any online store that doesn’t offer free reshipments.

Even if you’ll only need it on rare occasions, DuckDose’s guaranteed delivery offers you peace of mind.

You’ll never need to worry about losing your hard-earned money because border control starts searching through your package.

That peace of mind is priceless in my opinion – which is one of the main reasons I endorse DuckDose.

Discounts on BitCoin Orders

If you’ve been around the nootropics industry for any length of time, you’ll have noticed the constant friction companies have with credit card processors.

I’m sure it’s a huge pain for the sellers of modafinil, but they’ve turned their problem into an opportunity for us as customers…

Instead of paying with a credit card, you can order via BitCoin. You make DuckDose’s life easier because they don’t need to worry about problems with payment processing and in return, you’ll get a massive 20% discount on your order.

I’m not going to lie, I was very hesitant about using BitCoins at first. For someone who isn’t tech-savy, it seems like a scary process.

Having tried it, I can assure you there is nothing to worry about. BitCoins are very easy to use and currently my preferred online payment method.

If you have any questions about using BitCoins as a payment method, simply reach out to DuckDose’s customer support and they’ll happily answer your questions.

In fact, that’s exactly how I learned about BitCoin at first! I was overwhelmed by all the new terms that sounded technical (they aren’t) and reached out to DuckDose.

They replied to my email within 24 hours with a detailed response to all my concerns.

What more can you ask from a customer support team?


Due to the nature of modafinil, privacy is always going to be a top priority for both the buyer and seller.

Perhaps you don’t want your spouse, parents or neighbors to know that you use modafinil. No need to worry, DuckDose sends all their packages in very discreet wrapping.

Nobody who comes in contact with your delivery will have any idea what’s inside (unless they open the package).

So on a small scale, your privacy is absolutely guaranteed. But what about the larger question of privacy on the internet? Can the government, your employer or hackers find out that you ordered modafinil?

Well, I’m by no means an expert on staying anonymous on the internet.

Here’s what I do know: DuckDose is 100% committed to keeping all of your private information secure. They will do everything in their power to make sure that nobody can find out who their customers are.

DuckDose has a solid reputation for taking care of their clients. That’s one of the reasons myself and many others trust them.

Their reputation is at stake so you can be sure that they’ll fight for your privacy to the best of their capabilities.

Side Note: Privacy is the second huge advantage of paying with BitCoins like we discussed earlier. Not only do you get a huge discount, you also protect your private information. Seems like a sweet deal to me.

Fast and Free Shipping

DuckDose offers free shipping on all orders.

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate it when companies add ridicolous shipping charges once you try to complete your order.

I’m sure you’ve all made that experience before…

You spend a bunch of time comparing products and competitors. You think you’ve found the perfect choice and then…$10-20 shipping gets added during the checkout process.

Everyone hates that, and yet companies do it all the time. But not DuckDose.

With DuckDose, what you see is what you get.

If you add a product to your cart that costs $80, you’ll pay no more than $80. (Remember the BitCoin discount? With that, you could get your order total down to just $64!)

Shipping times will depend on where you live obviously. All modafinil sellers need to ship their products from overseas (usually India) so shipping times can become rather long.

My experiences with DuckDose’s shipping times have been overwhelmingly positive so far.

It usually takes around 8 days for my order to arrive in the U.S. (Nevada).

DuckDose claim to ship all orders within 24 hours. So far, they’ve always held up their promise. However, if you order over the weekend or on a holiday, you might experience a slight delay.

Please note that you don’t receive your tracking number until 1-2 days after the product is shipped. I believe this is due to a slight delay with the Indian post, but it’s nothing for you to worry about.

If you’re still a little unsure what this process looks like, I’ve got you covered. At the end of this post, I’ll walk you through all the steps with screenshots.

But first we need to take a look at the products you can order from DuckDose.

Guaranteed High-Quality Products

DuckDose sells both modafinil and armodafinil. The two smart drugs are similar, but there are noticeable differences between the effects of the two.

Personal preference plays a large role in which you should buy. I generally recommend new users try modafinil first because the effects are a bit milder.

If you love modafinil – which I’m 100% convinced most of you will – armodafinil is worth a try. You get all the same benefits just a little stronger and some users even claim to notice fewer side effects from armodafinil.

DuckDose only sells products from the two best manufacturers in the industry: HAB Pharma and Sun Pharma.

duckdose products

Customer support

I’ve briefly touched on this topic a couple of times already. The reason is simple: DuckDose’s customer support is the best in the industry.

DuckDose isn’t always the cheapest option for your modafinil needs – although the BitCoin discount makes up for it. However, nobody else beats DuckDose when it comes to support.

I’ve dealt with more customer support teams than I wanted to. Usually, it’s a painfully slow and inefficient process.

Have you ever wasted hours trying to get an issue resolved and at the end, the company simply closed the ticket without really solving anything?

I hate dealing with customer support. Even great companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon offer terrible support.

DuckDose’s support is refreshing. I’m not over-exaggerating when I say that Google should take a page from their book.

A lot of major companies could learn something from the way DuckDose handles customer questions and problems.

Ideally, you’d never have to contact support in the first place. But realistically, problems will arise sooner or later. When they do, you’ll be glad that you decided to order from DuckDose.

Cons: Payment methods

There’s no way around this truth when ordering modafinil online: Traditional credit card processors aren’t always reliable.

Visa seems to be causing the problems as of now (January 2017). You can still pay with MasterCard.

PayPal isn’t an option at all. As my preferred payment method, this used to bother me until I started using BitCoins.

BitCoins are the payment method of the future. I encourage you to give them a try as soon as possible.

You’ll find that while it seems scary and complicated at first, there isn’t really anything to be worried about.

In fact, BitCoins are easier to use than any other method of online payment processing. Plus, you get DuckDose’s amazing 20% discount so that’s an added incentive to use BitCoins.

Give them a try next time you order modafinil.

duckdose review

Final Thoughts on my DuckDose Review

DuckDose is awesome.

The price is competitive, the products high-quality and the service outstanding.

Once you get the DuckDose experience, you’re unlikely to ever want to try a different modafinil seller.

Everything about the company, from its website to its helpful staff, makes you want to do business with them.

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How to Order From DuckDose Step-by Step

Buying modafinil online for the first time can be a little bit scary.

I know how you feel so I’m going to lay out all the steps for you. I hope this makes it as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

I would hate if you never experienced the productivity and mood-enhancing benefits of modafinil simply because you didn’t feel comfortable ordering online.

Step 1: Visit and choose products you want.

DuckDose home

Step 2: Select the desired quantity.

DuckDose quantity

Step 3: Enter personal details, choose payment method and place order.

DuckDose order page

Step 4: Pay invoice with BitCoins (or enter your credit card details on the prior page).

DuckDose via BitCoins

That’s it!

Once you send the BitCoins to the address as directed, you’ll instantly receive an email confirming your order:

duckdose order confirmation

This is just confirming that DuckDose has received your order.

Next, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation within 1 day. Your modafinil order is on its way!

While the package is on its way to your doorstep, you’ll receive a few emails updating you on the status of the order.

Finally! Your modafinil has arrived safely.

As you can see, there is nothing to be scared of. The whole process is very simple and straightforward.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to the DuckDose team. No matter how silly you think your question is, DuckDose will reply to you as fast as possible with a helpful answer.

Ready to experience all the benefits modafinil has to offer?

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